About Edelweiss

Our heritage is more than just a place our ancestors came from. Edelweiss is our way of keeping our deep roots alive and sharing it with our friends and neighbors in the Portland area, and with visitors from near and far. 

George Baier, Tony’s and Tom’s father, moved from Germany to the Pacific Northwest in 1959 with $100 in his pocket.  George Baier is a trained butcher and sausage maker, who always prided himself on making high quality products sold at a fair price.  In 1981 while visiting family and touring the Rhine in Germany, George met someone from the United States whose nephew in Portland, Oregon was looking for a buyer for his recently built deli. George and his wife Marylou sold everything they had and immediately jumped at their dream.

Over the years, George shared his techniques, recipes and secrets with his two sons before handing over the reins and retiring fully in January of 1999. Both Tony and Tom carry on their father’s traditions and have expanded their offerings to include meats and sausages with unique character, flavors and styles. 

Edelweiss is a family operation through and through.  Tony’s wife, Rochelle, manages operations and has a particular talent for finding the best and rarest sweet treats from Germany and other European countries.  Tony and Tom’s sister, Michelle, manages catering options.

We are thrilled that you have found your way to our store, whether in person or on our website.  We take great pride in our unique selection as well as our food craftsmanship.

Fine handcrafted meats are the hallmark of Edelweiss. Nearly every sausage and meat product imaginable is handmade on-site. Edelweiss will also accommodate your custom meat preparation and/or smoking.

At Edelweiss Deli in Portland you feel as if you have stepped onto another continent in another time. Visit our authentic old-world Bavarian market in your own backyard, if you are in Portland or we will do our best to send you our treats wherever you are in the United States.